Many clients as they approach retirement, start thinking about the larger issues. 

What legacy will they leave?  Will they be a burden to loved ones?


At Correa law we focus on developing more than legal documents, we focus on developing a plan that best fits your facts and circumstances.  We work with you to answer the difficult questions such as:

  • Who will manage your bills?  If it is your spouse, what happens if your spouse is unable to do it.

  • Who will make your healthcare decisions?  If your spouse, what if your spouse is unable to perform this task.

  • Will the government take your home?

  • Where will I live?


A plan that effectively answers the foregoing concerns is the place to begin. Then we go one step further and explore whether the key players in your circle know what to do. We can educate all involved so that the natural transitions in life handled smoothly.

Take action, too much is at stake.  There’s no charge for an initial consultation.  Let us help you explore some of your options by calling 773.489.8500