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You worked hard for your success. You planned, you followed through, and know after years of sacrifice, you have accumulated some assets. Planning got you this far, do not let inaction threaten what you have worked for.

Everyday we see successful individuals exposed the destroyers of wealth. Those may take the shape of taxes, death or other family disputes.  One wrong signature on a document can put your assets at significant risk.

Sound planning can shelter a great deal of those assets from the inevitable setbacks in life. Planning helps you weather those storms.

Also, an effective estate plan can be capture significant wealth that would otherwise be lost. By way of example, if you’re the sole owner of a business and you die without a plan, that business can be lost or sold at a fire sale. Your hard work will either disappear to a competitor or the unscrupulous will step in to snatch the business at rock bottom prices.

An effective estate can help business prosper through a transition of ownership that will inevitably occur. 

We focus on asking the right questions:

  1. Where is the value in the business?

  2. What are the options available for transition?

  3. Explore the tax implications of sale or gift.

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